Terms of Use

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1. Intended use, registration of institutions

The use of the Aktienführer Data Archive is limited to research and educational purposes. Therefore, as a rule, access is limited to members of publicly and privately funded academic and research institutions, as well as members of academic associations. Before the service is activated for your institution, it is necessary to register your institution or to set up an individual account. Please find the details in the Aktienführer access information.

2. Permitted use

For personal research purposes or teaching purposes, the data provided by the Aktienführer Data Archive may be retrieved, partially exported and copied, edited, analyzed, evaluated, indexed and saved.The resulting outcomes may be published in academic publications or used for teaching. The dissemination of contents of the Aktienführer Data Archive is not permitted, except amongst eligible users from registered institutions. Likewise, commercial use and marketing are not permitted.
In case of significant and/or repeated violations of these Terms of Use we reserve the right to exclude users or institutions from this service.

3. Liability

We do not accept any liability or warranty for the correctness, completeness, availability and functioning of this service. Any use of the contents and features of the website and of the downloads is at the user’s own risk and responsibility. Mannheim University Library reserves the right to change this service’s website and contents