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Aktienführer data archive

About the "Hoppenstedt Aktienführer"

The Aktienführer is a crucial data source for research in German finance markets and German companies. From the late 19th century until 1999, the Aktienführer was published as a printed volume once a year, first by the publisher Saling, later by Hoppenstedt. In the Aktienführer, you can find standardized reports on German and foreign public companies traded at German stock markets. The reports have information and data on the firm's registered business address, management, fields of business, major shareholdings and shareholders, capital structure and the main positions of the financial statements.


About the project

In 2013, the Mannheim University Library digitized 21 volumes of the Hoppenstedt Aktienführer (1979-1999) in a project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation).


We say thank you to

  • the Universitätsbibliothek Bochum,
  • the Library of the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg and
  • the Library of the German Bundestag

for providing us with the printed Aktienführer volumes for the image digitization!



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