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Inheritance Otto Selz

About Otto Selz

Otto Selz (1881-1943) was a leading German psychologist - the " true giant of the Würzburg school " (De Groot, 1973, p 13 ) . His wide-ranging fields of interest were equally matters of theoretical and applied psychology. In 1923 he became professor of philosophy, psychology and education at the Graduate School of Mannheim and served as rector 1929-30. In April 1933 he was dismissed because of his Jewish origin and retired in March 1934 after the closing of the “Handelshochschule”. In May 1939 he emigrated to Amsterdam and was able to teach until the occupation of the Netherlands with the support of benevolent colleagues at the university on-site. Since the end of 1940 he worked in the Amsterdam ghetto for Jewish educational institutions, was arrested in July 1943 and deported to Auschwitz. The date of death (specifically, the date of his assassination) was officially established on 27 August 1943.

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About the project

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the death of its namesake the Otto Selz Institute for Applied Psychology, University of Mannheim ( OSI ) presents important holdings of the inheritance of this Mannheimer researcher and teacher to the public. The digitization and online presentation of estate documents is performed by Mannheim University Library. On 29 November 2013 the publication of digitized is accompanied by a scientific symposium on the life and work of Selz. Hence the close ties of today's University of Mannheim is highlighted at the former professor and rector of this institution.

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Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers

Dr. Alexandre Métraux

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Otto-Selz-Institut für Angewandte Psychologie der Universität Mannheim (OSI)